Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flaunt D.I.Y Halloween! Selena Perez

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As you all know, Halloween is this Saturday and most of you probably already have your costumes. As for me I'm not even close! So I've been trying to figure out at least one costume to wear as there are several parties to attend. If you follow me on Twitter then you would have most likely read that I may dress up as the late Selena Perez. She was such a care-free beautiful person with her own eccentric but fashionable style. Not to mention she had an amazing body! Here are are a few pics that have inspired me to mock for my Halloween outfit. I also feel Selena was ahead of her time with her signature sequined bustiers, fitted bottoms, sharp shoulders, and mesh spandex. I also learned she opened her own fashion boutique/salon (my dream) what a true fashionista right?! What do you think Flaunt Followers, & what else would you recommend!? sidebar- now I think I'm going to watch Selena the movie this weekend!

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  1. she was such a beautiful woman, great idea to dress up as her.