Monday, November 1, 2010

Flaunt Halloween!: B.A.P.S

Hey lovers! Hope you all had a lovely & safe Halloween! This is a quick and dirty post on my costume that I did with my friend Joy. We were the ghetto-fabulous ladies of B.A.P.S! I have to admit this has been by far the most fun costume I have ever made.  Everything was bought between downtown to the swat meet and I handmade our jumpsuits. It was so crazy and we got stopped by soooo many people, it was hilarious!  Hmmm may consider again next year... Anyway let me know what you think & what were you all for Halloween!?

Taken by my girl Shawanna's awesome iPhone Polaroid feature!

hmm hmm that's right! lol

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flaunt FREE event sponsored by Hennesy Artistry!

Ok lovers don't hate me... yes I know I've been away for waaaay too long once AGAIN, yea what's new. I've been busy on top of being sick so it's been kinda wacko lately. Anyway so I'm going to do a quick and dirty post because I had one of the best nights ever this past Thursday night! Hennessy Artistry and my girls from The Honey Collective sponsored an event featuring performances by Q-Tip, VVBrown, and surprise guests MC Lyte and Ice Cube + D Nice! 

Here's the deal: I'm not much of a "clubber" and majority of the time I don't even enjoy LA's nightlife for the simple fact that I feel like too much effort is put into getting dressed, and nine times out of ten the night ends up being somewhat boring and just not worth it. However, Thursday night was sooooo worth it, I saw many friends, and everything was free! Free parking, free entry, free liquour, free food, free entertainment and might I add some eye candy, which of course is FREE!

Seriously does it get any better than that for a typical night in no!

 Relied on the BlackBerry for pics...sorry there's not a better shot of my fit!
so under my vintage blazer...

1. Forever 21 olive silk, zip-back cami. 2. Forever 21 faux leather shorts (mine are high-waisted). 3. Forever 21 rhinestone curb-chain necklace. 4. Michael Kors "Runway" watch. 5. Forever 21 jewel studded wallet. 6. Bakers peep-toe suede platforms. 7. No-name sheer tights

One of my bestie's JT$ jk, Joy

 Hey there! Yup I was pretty close!

A nice suvi to keep memories! ahh...good times

 ...presents The Roots & Q-Tip + surprise guest

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flaunt Fragrance: Updates + NEW FRAGRANCE BAR!

Hey Lovers! It's been a while since I've blogged! I know, I know what's new! I hate that I've been so neglectful lately but I've been a bit busy. Okay so  right now I'm in a car connected on the internet through my phone's blue-tooth on my way to Vegas...yea see its that bad! I have 46% left  of battery life so let me make this quick:

I went to a Kinky Curly event last week at Wilshire Beauty to help out the owner Shelly and my good friend Shawanna. Therefore I'm currently rocking a braid-out and it's now looking a lil crazy! Also I did get all the hair tutorial requests and explanations so those are coming soon I promise!
  click [here] to enter

SHOP The Flaunt Files is now selling perfumes!! Right now some of my favs are available but if you don't see your fav simply send a request to 

My 24th Golden bday was Aug. 24th!! Whoo-hoo & boo-hoo! Whoo-hoo because of course you always get excited on your bday but boo-hoo because I'm 24!! Yea I know,  everyone's telling me I'm still a baby, whatever that means. However, the new wrinkles on my face and random body pains beg to differ!

Flaunt Fashionista: Zoe Kravitz for Alexander Wang T Collection

These Alexander Wang T ad pics featuring Zoe Kravitz aren't new either, but they are pretty dope so I had to post!

Flaunt Fierce Pics: Beyonce's New Campain pics

These pics of Beyonce are not that new, but new enough as I haven't posted in a while! All I have to say is she's this hott  because she's a Virgo! lol jk but yes she's doing her thing and flaunting all the way!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flaunt Follicles: My Hair Update

I have to admit... I haven't kept a consistent log on my hair progression. In any case here's a visual and listed update on some of the main things I've been doing with my hair:

1. I love and continue to co-wash.
2. I've tried to down-scale on using my flat-iron.
3. I've worn my hair in it's natural state to really give it a rest.
4. I continue to wrap my hair nightly.
5. I continue to comb/brush from the ends to the root.

Flaunt Fashion Finds: HOT Items I Have & Want Right Now!

I recently got these fierce pumps from ALDO plus a knuckle ring and rosette rose skirt from Forever21!! I love them all plus I'm wearing this skirt for my bday along with a sick blazer which I got from an amazing vintage boutique... I'll share later :)

A few things that are catching my eye... all currently at Forever21!

Flaunt Flash Back: Beautiful Babes at the Beach

I found this random pic on the web and just had to share. How lovely are these ladies!? Flawless right!?

I also found this image of a bathing suit I designed and created from scratch about 2years ago. It's one of my favorites because there's silver foil splattered on the white. I'll eventually design more so that you fabulous Flaunt Followers can get one of your own at SHOPTheFlauntFiles.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Flaunt Feet: Charlotte Olympia

I  am so in love with these fierce shoes by Charlotte Olympia! I love the way the stack of the platform are so distinct from the heel. Platforms in general always amplify any outfit and happen to be more comfortable than most heels. Charlotte Olympia definitely takes platforms to another level. Make sure to check out the Fall 2010 collection too, it's sooooo good!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Flaunt Film: Social Butterfly Consulting presents: #MyMJMoment

Today marks a year since fashion icon Michael Jackson past away. Therefore, my partners of Social Butterfuly Consulting and I collectively expressed our favorite MJ Moments with a tribute video. Take a moment & enjoy this short clip as an ode to MJ. What are your favorite MJMoments Flaunt Followers?!

If you have twitter join the conversation and tweet: #MyMJMoment @SoButter to share!!

*Edited by yours truly btw!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Flaunt Follicles: My Natural Hair Last Week

Last week I wore my hair natural to give my beautiful tresses some rest from the stress of my flat iron! So here are the different styles I flaunted:

 Bantu knot-out pulled back with satin scarf tied as bow
Bantu knot-out
 Braid-out pulled back with satin scarf as bow

And here are a few natural-hair inspired pics I've archived over the years gathered all over the web:

Flaunt Designer: Azzedine Alaia

photos via: net-a-porter

I wanted to feature one of my favorite designers Azzedine Alaia, because everything he creates is more than a pair of shoes or an accessory... it's more like a piece of art. Alaia specializes in high-end leather goods and is top-of-the line! The price-point of his pieces typically start in the thousands so it's not that simple to own a pair especially because they aren't sold everywhere. In fact, Alaia is super selective to the boutiques they sell to not to mention the deliveries are somewhat unknown.  When a store receives their shipment is when they receive it so imagine the Alaia waiting list! However, if you happen to own anything from his collection one thing for sure, it'll last a lifetime! Looks like this might be my fashion investment piece for 2010 Flaunt Followers!

Flaunt Fashionista: Janelle Monae

photos via: concreteloop via instyle mag

The beautiful, flawless Janelle Monae! Isn't she stunning?! There's something about her that's super fabulous yet angelic at the same time! Also if you haven't already please do yourself a favor and go to an actual store, and purchase an actual CD entitled, "The ArchAndroid" by Janelle Monae! You'll be thrilled you did!

My fav songs: "Dance or Die", "Neon Valley Street", & "Say You'll Go" to name a few because seriously I would say all of them!

Announcing the Perricone MD Giveaway Winner!

By random selection, the winner of the Perricone MD Giveaway 
is Flaunt Follower Terra D. !!

 Congrats love!

Thanks to all my beautiful Flaunt Followers, this is my small token of appreciation!