Friday, October 23, 2009

Flaunt Fabulous Finds: F21 vs. Herve Leger

Forever 21 $19.80 Herve Leger $1,350

Forever 21 $22.80 Herve Leger $730

Ok so Forever 21 has managed to do it again! Currently they have a few dresses featured on their online site inspired by Herve Leger's infamous bandage dress. I have to say that the F21 dresses are pretty darn close to the real thing and obviously a fraction of the price. Get them while they're still hot and available flaunt fashionistas!


  1. Thanks! The forever 21 versions are too short for me unfortunately (large thighs) but the likeness is incredible...They dont look cheap at all. I love it!

  2. people be sleepin' on XXI...this is ALWAYS my first stop for ANY outfit, ALL THE TIME