Monday, March 23, 2009

Flaunt Final Good-bye :(

Today I lost my baby. Due to the economy, my financial situation, and loss of time I had to surrender my car to my dealership. I got my car in May 2008 and have been paying it off ever since. This morning was a very sad time for me. I cried, I stressed, I was broken. But once again I was faced with a situation in my life that explains, "Everything happens for a reason".  In the end I've learned to take responsibility before the sh** hits the fan, & to handle the worst of the things the best I can. Most importantly I've learned that I cannot lose my trust and faith in Him. My steps are ordered & everything will turn out fine. So although I lost my car, I have to move forward & keep it moving, no pun intended.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flaunt Food: SaladFarm

About a week ago me and my S.O were looking for a place to eat. We were on the hunt for something good but not too expensive. Ummmm that's harder than you think. So we were in the SC area and I was remembered this place I went to called SaladFarm. So we decided to go & our food was pretty bangin'! They have their own signature salads or you can create your own. I ordered my own creation of romaine lettuce, raisins, grilled chicken, corn, red onions, avocado, parmesan, and caesar dressing to top it off! This is how I make my salads at home so what better way to order it how I like it. My S.O ordered the grilled steak panini that comes with a side of potato salad. I must add that the potato salad was gross! It seemed like there was wasabi alllll in it which I hate. But besides that I believe the mission was accomplished!
Darn now I'm kinda hungry... :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flaunt That Funky Music: Drake aka Drizzy

Ok so there's tons of buzz around this guy and if you're not familiar with him just yet, let me un-formally introduce you...ThisIzDrake
Make sure to listen to the different covers done by people on YouTube. Some of them are actually really good.
Plus Download his mix tape instantly here for free while you can! Lykke Li, Santo Gold, UGK, Lil' Wayne, Trey Songs, Omarion and more are featured! Enjoy, & Flaunt the Funk:)

Flaunt Film: Janelle Monae "Many Moons"

Two words: Loves It!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Flaunt Fantasy: Dolce & Gabbanna Wedges

Today, as a favor I went all the way to Glendale to repair my friend's camera. There was an hour wait so I decided to kill time at the Marshall's store that I noticed on my way there. As I walked in, of course I went straight for the shoe section and look what I happen to stumble upon...

Amazing right? At 1st glance I wasn't really into them but they quickly grew on me! I'm just shocked that D&Gs were in a Marshall's store to begin with. That's just fabulous for a recessionista like myself! $199.99 is a steal for what they are, but too bad I can't afford them at the moment.
So they're today's Flaunt Fantasy. (sigh...dreaming)

Flaunt Fingers: Color Club in Bizerk Turq

The other day I bought my friend from Chicago some amazing hair. Yes I wear a weave, extensions, whatever you'd like to call it, so I know the good spots to get it:) Specifically, I wear clip-ons so I'll probably do a DIY & show you! Anyway before I left the store I saw all these amazing nail colors for $3.49 each! (Mind you I'm NOT supposed to be shopping due to a current financial situation, but I justified it for the total being equivalent or really less than food......uh yeah.) I ended up getting this turquoise one, a light baby blue, and an electric neon yellow. Usually I'm the one that sticks to the classic nude color or all white and never wears color or dark shades. Well I guess it was totally worth it because already I've gotten tons of compliments!

Tell me, what do you think of my new hue?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flaunt that Funky Music: Love is a Battlefield

This is one of my favorite songs! I really love this song because it's perfect for getting ready to go out.
I hope you feel me on this.... anyway enjoy The Funk!

Music Playlist at

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can I stalk you? Style Stalk that is!

One of my favorite fashion news blogs WhoWhatWear Daily, is currently looking for a host for their new web series, Style Stalker via YouRepresent. Of course I fit the profile :) so I obviously had to apply for the position! Make sure to check out the site and become a subscriber if you haven't already. It's sooo my daily addiction...

The founders of WWWDaily sent me a message lol. Check out the video!

Here is my video submission for the Style Stalker casting. Wish me luck!

By the way, I had an amazing time interviewing & it was such a great experience. What she does is my dream!
I'll spill the details later....

Flaunting since Five!

Hey Flaunt Followers! Okay so this is my very 1st blog and yes I've joined the bandwagon but I mean it's I guess right?

I don't have an exact blue print on what this blog will consist of, but it'll definitely be fashion based, because that is my love. My posts will most likely be on beauty, music, food spots, current events, random thoughts & FASHION + more. I am a Chicago girl at heart living in LA to pursue my dream in the fashion industry as a stylist, designer, forecaster, maven and entrepreneur to have my own vintage fashion house/boutique within 10 yrs.

So more or less, this will be an online public diary...

I'm the kind of girl that loves to create scrapbooks but doesn't really have the patience, loves to take pictures but never has a camera handy, loves to play dress-up & make awesome ensembles with no where special to flaunt it... so this is my small introduction of my fashion collective documentations...The Flaunt fierce!