Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flaunt Face: My Everyday Makeup Regimen

Here's a video tutorial I did months ago on my everyday makeup regimen! I totally forgot to finish sorry! Although this was taped months ago the makeup process is pretty much the same but I do switch back and forth with liquid and pencil eyeliners. I usually stick to liquid and my fav is Loreal's Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in carbon black.

before after

Click here for the other products that were also mentioned in a previous post. Sorry for the bad lighting and the gross white head on my face that eventually got removed apon applying makeup lol. Sidebar, picking pimples is one of my pet-peeves by the way. Not only does it cause damage and scares, for some reason I refuse to pick them (unless they're absolutely revolting!) Anyway enjoy the video Flaunt Followers!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Flaunt Mag: Chanel Iman in Vogue Spain February 2010

photos: vouge photography by Michelle Ferrara

Loving these pics of Chanel Iman flaunting her stuff in the current Vogue's Spain February issue. Really I want everything she's flaunting but I must have that orange dress and pink skirt ASAP for spring!!! How cute, fun & flirty does she look!?!

The Flaunt Files has moved to Chicago!

Hey Flaunt Followers! Sorry for the lack of post but I've been moving, dealing with the status of my family in Haiti, settling in Chicago + more! So I just wanted to let you all know that my mom's side of the family is doing fine and 3 passed away on my dad's. Don't worry about me though as the people in Haiti are suffering much, much more.

So again as of 2 weeks ago I moved to Chicago and will be here for a while but I'm definitely not a stranger to this city as I was born and raised here. It has been 5 years though so it should be interesting to post via The Flaunt Files in another major city! I will admit however I do miss some things about LA already lol. Aside from the 70 degree weather in the middle of winter, I'll miss friends, fam, The Fashion District, Yogurt Land, In&Out, El Torino, traffic (yes.. traffic), the range of vintage/thrift stores & just LA in general :( But don't get me wrong, it's great being back in vibes, + I'm able to see & hang out with my family and friends once again!!!

Flaunt That Funky Music: Corinne Bailey Rae's New Album "The Sea"

I'm sooooo excited about one of my fav artist, Corinne Bailey Rae who is back and beautiful than ever!!!! She has an amazing album entitled, "The Sea" which is scheduled to come out tomorrow January 26th and I've been playing it over and over via her "listening party" from her site. My fav tracks are, "I'd Do It All Again", "Closer", & "Paris Nights/New York Mornings" to name a few.

Also if you haven't already make sure to check out the video for, "I'd Do It All Again". When I first saw it weeks ago I was totally amazed in how beautiful and angelic she looked and of course loving her full, natural, luscious locks. I also loved the concept of the video that fits the title perfectly.... just simply flawless. Anyway make sure to get a sneak listen of her album & get it when it hits the stands tomorrow! It'll be perfect and just in time for Valentine's Day next month whether you have a significant other or not :)

My 1st Thrift Store finds in Chicago!

Vintage painting= $3.99

Nautical inspired shoulder bag= $4.99

Clutch w/ gold chain= $4.99

Vintage gold cuff= $7.99

So now that I'm in Chicago of course I had to be on the look-out for the local vintage & thrift stores. So just last week I happen to notice a thrift store literally down the street from my house as I was leaving the drug store. Simply going there wasn't apart of my original plan so I didn't have much time to browse around. Ha, like that's ever a problem.... usually that's when I end up finding the best stuff! So of course I did & above are the things I walked away with!! 

I love the painting I found for just $3.99 that also ironically symbolizes me in a way. It's fashion-forward, ethnic, strong, and vintage! I'm also using it as the inspiration for my room that I'll be decorating which already has yellow walls to tie in the yellow scarf she's wearing! Both purses were $4.99 and the cuff was the most expensive at $7.99! I think I did pretty well considering I was there for only 10mins and spent about $20 total! Ugh I wish I had more time b/c I know there were waaaaay more goodies waiting to be found!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Message to Flaunt Followers: My home country Haiti

Hey Flaunt Followers-

For those of you who may not know I am Haitian so since Tuesday I have been dealing with this sad issue and I am directly affected. Not knowing the status on my family that still remains gets tougher & tougher to deal with everyday. What fathoms me the most is Haiti is the poorest, least developed country in the Western Hemisphere, and most Haitians have lived in poverty for years. This means that the government has limited capacity to even offer basic needs, not to mention to aid a disaster of this magnitude. The lack of infrastructure, disaster preparedness and the amount of poverty is what makes this situation hard to approach. Honestly all I can do is pray for the victims, my family and those that are working to help in Haiti. 

For more info on where you can continue to contribute financially please visit Wyclef's foundation Yele or text YELE to 501501 to donate $5, RedCross or text “HAITI” to “90999″ to make a $10 donation, or find more foundations at CNNThe State Department has also set up a toll-free number to call for info about family members in Haiti at 1-888-407-4747. Also Fashionbomb Daily features Fashion for a Cause.

Thanks to you all for baring with me as I've paused a moment on posting and for being awesome readers and followers. I love ya much!

Kethia J

My mother, aunt and I in Haiti when I was 2.

My grandparents that currently live in Haiti.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Flaunt Obsession: Block Shades

I've been meaning to share my obsession with block/shield shades long ago since my Flaunt Fabulous Finds post on F21 accessories. I just realized that I haven't yet so here are some of my favs. I love these types of sunglasses so much because not only are they fierce & fabulous but if you don't really feel like wearing make-up while stepping out, running errands, or whatever, they do the trick so lol!  Really though, these shades are still a must-have for this season & can very well be worn into spring and summer! These are also flaunted by famous gals like Beyonce, Rihanna, & Lady Gaga to name a few. From Versace & Margiela to A-Mori, 2BD, + COCO&BREEZY you can get this look at a pretty penny or just a few dollars!

Flaunt Fabulous FInds: Forever21 vs. Steve Madden & Dolce Vita

Forever21 Studded Pump= $25.80 vs. Dolce Vita Studded Pump= $210.00

Forever21 Suede Pump= $10.00 vs. Steve Madden Suede Pump= $59.97

photos:, &
I'm a sucker for cheap thrills and ladies once again I found more! I actually tried these F21 studded heels in-store and I liked them, but then I didn't like them so much, and now well I knew I should've gotten them! Maybe I'll have to settle for the Dolce's what do you think Flaunt Followers ummm? Also the grey suede pumps by F21 were only $10!!! I got these in 3 colors, royal blue, black, and the grey! Once again I'm missing some camera action so I haven't been able to show you all my latest buys since Black Friday :( but I promise I will though as soon as I can :)

Flaunt Flash Back: RIP Eunice W. Johnson/Jet Mag from the 50s

I just love these older JET mag covers. The women seemed so flawless and glamourous with effortless poise. It's hard to still find that classier portrayal today in mainstream media. These black beauties sure knew how to flaunt their stuff elegantly just as Eunice W. Johnson did her entire life!

 R.I.P Eunice W. Johnson 1916-2010
(Director of Ebony FASHION FAIR, Publisher of EBONY & JET Mag)

Flaunt Fingers: American Apparel Nail Lacquer

photos: american apparel
OMG! How cute! Now you can match your nail color with you fav American Apparel outfit. American Apparel is now offering 18 different shades to resemble their classic colors from the line. At $6 each it may be worth getting to pair the perfect shade with your classic AA piece!

Flaunt Home Decor: Hudson Furniture INC.

photos: hudson furniture
Okkkkkk this is too sick! Now I MUST buy a house sooner than later so I can own one of these stunning pieces. It's so fashion meets home decor and everything I've been looking for!!! Hudson Furniture, like really.... where have you been all my life!?

Flaunt Famous Gal: Ciara in L’Officiel Magazine

Ciara looks absolutely amazing in these editorial shoots for French magazine, L'Officiel. I love the color combinations used plus her makeup, hair, & nails. Her skin looks darn good too! You can't help but stare at these photos because they're so captivating! That's right Ciara...flaunt that thang girl! lol

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Flaunt Film: Sex In The City 2

OMG!! ahhhhhh i can't wait....

that is all :)

Flaunt Mag: Liya Kebede in ELLE Jan 2010

photos: Alexei Hay
Model Liya Kebede looks stunning while flaunting her stuff on the cover of ELLE's Italy January 2010 issue. I'm loving the deep fall hues with a splash of color in all the couture pieces. It's interesting that the gowns are paired with roller skates and knee pads for the spread. Reminds me of my holiday skate party I attended at World On Wheels lol!