Sunday, February 7, 2016


Hey beauties! Below is a short detailed video and step-by-step pictorial of how I accomplished my beach waves via bantu knots. I just love how easy this style is to do, along with the benefits of heatless curls that feel moisturized and bouncy!  

| 1 |

By using the tension method, start off with blown out hair.

| 2 |

Flat iron your hair with medium-high heat. Not too high however, and be careful not to damage your strands by making sure to use a thermal protector.

| 3 |

Section your hair in 4 sections and start from the back to work your way up. Take a small section (of one of the forth sections) to begin the bantu knot process. 
*If you want looser waves (longer) twist more hair. 
*If you want tighter waves (shorter) twist less hair. 

| 4 |

Simply twist the entire section of hair until it starts to curl. Once you form the curl wrap and twist the hair simultaneously. Use the end of your twist to lock the knot in place. Use mini banana clips or bobby pins to secure in place as this is on flat ironed hair. 
*If any of the knots loosen, go back to tighten. Make sure all knots are consistent, otherwise this will effect the overall results. 

| 5 |

Tie a satin scarf or bonnet over the bantu knots and enjoy your beauty rest!

| 6 |

Apply a serum or oil to your hands to avoid potential frizziness. To take down, simply unwind the opposite direction of the twist formation. They will look somewhat odd like noodles, but don't worry almost done!

| 7 |

Separate each twist in 2-4 smaller sections based on your preference. 
*I separated mine in 3 parts then gently finger 
combed with serum on my hands.  


If you'd like, slick your edges with gel. You can also change the position of your part.

Enjoy gorgeous & go FLAUNT your fierceness! 

xo- KekeJ