Saturday, October 9, 2010

Flaunt FREE event sponsored by Hennesy Artistry!

Ok lovers don't hate me... yes I know I've been away for waaaay too long once AGAIN, yea what's new. I've been busy on top of being sick so it's been kinda wacko lately. Anyway so I'm going to do a quick and dirty post because I had one of the best nights ever this past Thursday night! Hennessy Artistry and my girls from The Honey Collective sponsored an event featuring performances by Q-Tip, VVBrown, and surprise guests MC Lyte and Ice Cube + D Nice! 

Here's the deal: I'm not much of a "clubber" and majority of the time I don't even enjoy LA's nightlife for the simple fact that I feel like too much effort is put into getting dressed, and nine times out of ten the night ends up being somewhat boring and just not worth it. However, Thursday night was sooooo worth it, I saw many friends, and everything was free! Free parking, free entry, free liquour, free food, free entertainment and might I add some eye candy, which of course is FREE!

Seriously does it get any better than that for a typical night in no!

 Relied on the BlackBerry for pics...sorry there's not a better shot of my fit!
so under my vintage blazer...

1. Forever 21 olive silk, zip-back cami. 2. Forever 21 faux leather shorts (mine are high-waisted). 3. Forever 21 rhinestone curb-chain necklace. 4. Michael Kors "Runway" watch. 5. Forever 21 jewel studded wallet. 6. Bakers peep-toe suede platforms. 7. No-name sheer tights

One of my bestie's JT$ jk, Joy

 Hey there! Yup I was pretty close!

A nice suvi to keep memories! ahh...good times

 ...presents The Roots & Q-Tip + surprise guest