Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Flaunt Follow-Up: Super busy while moving!

HEY EVERYONE! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to post lately. I'm actually in the process of moving so the constant, packing, tossing, and literally condensing my life in boxes has been a bit overwhelming, but most of all time consuming!! So as soon as I am more settled I'll have more time to post & I also miss you all so much!

Anyway I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe holiday week with family, friends & those you love! Oh boy, I have fun things to share so I"ll be back very soon okay!? Love ya Flaunt Followers!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Flaunt that Funky Music: Res "Black.Girls.Rock!"

Okay first and foremost I ,, the imagery that was created for Res's free L.P album entitled, "Black.Girls.Rock!" which is now available...yes you read that right FREEEEEE!! Besides that the music is beautiful, amazing, and makes me want her voice really really bad. I don't want to ramble on much b/c you have to hurry and listen for yourself. I'm a big fan of Res (hence the first song you hear upon entering my blog) because...well she's just that good gosh darn it! Anyway like I said before take a look & listen for yourself right now okay!?....oh & yes, enjoy!

Flaunting Since 5! Kam from Fort Worth, TX

High heels, designer jeans, a great scarf and my favorite accessory + a Starbucks cup
A Genetic Physicist!
"I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross
Dorothy Dandridge, Rihanna, Kerry Washington and Leighton Meester
YSL, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs and Thakoon
French Connection, Forever 21, Asos, ModCloth and Target

So cute & chic Kam! Plus she created her own non-profit to benefit the youth in her local community!
To be featured for "Flaunting Since 5", submit answers to questions + childhood & current pics to:

Flaunt Events: GOUGH HARDE Preview Party TONIGHT!

Hey Flaunt Followers I've been extremely busy this weekend but aren't we all with the holiday week approaching! Anyway I wanted to introduce you to a dope line called, GOUGH HARDE which will be launching  in 2010. This lifestyle brand is bringing it's first accessory called the "Coufie" to the streets that you can definitely swipe between you and your guy! It's not beholding to any jacket so you can also pair it with blazers, sweaters, Ts and more!

If you're in the Los Angeles area make sure to stop by to the GOUGH HARDE preview party to get a first look! The creators Dante Hughes of the San Diego Chargers and Nikko Goudeau will be present to tell you all about their "Art Inspiring Fashion" line. It's a free event with encouraged $5 dollar donations to benefit Snoop Dogg's Youth Football foundation, which is also an entry for the raffle to win tickets to a Charger game, the Robin Thicke concert + more. There will also be Monday Night Football, live art, & plenty of eye candy! ;)  If you can come to event please RSVP NOW!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Flaunt Feature: My Sister on T.E.E.N Diaries Online

Check out my sister Laura and her recent blog post for T.E.E.N Diaries. My sister is studying Journalism at the University of Missouri so I encouraged her to be a TEEN Reporter. After many submissions from applicants, only 8 were chosen and she got the position! T.E.E.N Diaries is an urban-based online source that keeps high school to college girls up-to-date on current events, political issues, pop culture, fashion, beauty and more. You can also follow them on twitter at Any-whoo make sure to check out my little sis's "Hair Diaries" post! I'm so proud of her and absolutely LOVED her post so I had to flaunt it! It's nice to see that she listens to me and is following my footsteps in the blog world! Love you Laura...muah!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flaunting Since 5!

Whooo-hoooo! I've reached 100 Flaunt Followers thanks to all of you! I really apprieciate every single subscriber and follower for showing me so much love and support and I can't say that enough. To return all the love I wanted to dedicate a portion of my blog to all of you! I'm naming it, "Flaunting Since 5!" Here's an example of what it'll look like:
A classic blazor, super high heels, loose T & skinny jeans
a really famous figure skater
Beyonce’s “Hollywood”
Diana Ross, Selena Perez, Gwen Stefani, & Rihanna 
Alexander Wang, Balmain, & Givenchy
Goodwill, Forever21, H&M, Target, Thrift shops, Zara, Top Shop, Asos

Please send childhood & current photos to
with "FlauntingSince5" in subject line.
One fashionista will be highlighted every month.
Thanks again for all the love!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flaunt Favorite Lines: Tory Burch

As I mentioned before over the long Holiday weekend I found some amazing vintage pieces for the ShopTheFlantFiles store. I also made a quick stop to my old job, Tory Burch on Robertson because I was in the area and it's been quite sometime since I dropped and said hello to my former co-workers. I happen to go during the Black Friday frenzy and completely forgot about it until I walked in! Everyone looked super busy of course because there were tons of women trying to stock up on shoes + more due to the amazing sale. Speaking of shoes I WISH I was able to stock-up myself :) Tory's collections are amazing right now and although I try to visit the site often I saw a few pairs that were new to me. Here are some of my favs I saw in-store that are freakin' amazing! Definitely stop by your local Tory Burch Flaunt Followers, or your nearest high-end dept store! It was so nice to see my old co-workers that day: Adrianna, Brooke, Shereen, Ann, Danny, GiGi, & Natasha (+ hello to Lance & Jill!).

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flaunt Film: "Lil Girl" ft. Fatima by Shafiq Hasayn

So a while back I filmed a lip singing role for Shafiq Husayn's music video "Lil Girl" ft Fatima for his project "En-A-Free-Ka". Shafiq happens to be a friend of a friend so a few of my other friends were also featured! Mind you we were asked last min so I literally had to learn the entire song on the drive over & it was not easy! So now I have an even greater appreciation for real artists :) Any-whoo here's the video which features Avriel Epps with cameo appearances from Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, Jay Electronica, Thundercat, and Wood Harris. Everyone looks absolutely beautiful and the final edit looks amazing, shout out to Greg Ponsting! What do you think of the video & can you find me Flaunt Followers lol?! (hint: 0:24, 0:30...) Enjoy....

Shop The Flaunt Files COMING SOON!

Hey everyone! So sorry I haven't posted in a while. How was everyone's Thanksgiving?! Aside from eating tons of food and sleeping in, I've been working hard on the ShopTheFlauntFiles store which I'll try my VERY best to launch this week! I have plenty of amazing vintage items, shoes, accessories and handbags & let me tell ya it's already difficult to let them go for sale. But because I love and appreciate you all so much I wanted to give you the opportunity to shop fierce frugal finds that you can't get anywhere else!

So here are the perks of ShopTheFlauntFiles store:
Majority of items will be under $50 (FlauntFifty)
All vintage will be in excellent or in good condition
All vintage is sold on a 1st come 1st serve basis*
You will own a one-of-a-kind item!

*The 1st week of store opening will require a password to gain access.
Only subscribers of TheFlauntFiles or ShopTheFlauntFiles will be given password on opening day. Please enter your email in the subscription box on left-hand side.
Get ready for ShopTheFlauntFiles store coming soon...
If you have any questions or concerns please email: