Monday, October 26, 2009

Flaunt Event Review: Miss Jessie's in LA at Wilshire Beauty

Yesterday I attended the Miss Jessies's event in Los Angeles. My friend Shawanna of Wilshire Beauty did an amazing job coordinating the event and I helped managed check-in. Soooo many beautiful natural curly-heads showed up while being introduced to 10 products of Miss Jessie's by the creators Titi and Miko Branch themselves! Make sure to check out the current issue of Essence for the Miss Jessie's product features as well.
There were product and styling demonstrations, individual consultations, product give-aways every hour, yummy goodies, and a Miss Jessie's gift bag which included a sample product not yet in stores! I had a great time and meet many beautiful naturals from young to old. For you True Blood fans, Rutina Wesley stopped by and even complimented on my hair! I also got recognized by the cutest Flaunt Fashionista Follower Monique who has recently started her own blog.
It was a full house of curly-head ladies!
Flaunt Files Follower: Monique

Visit for product info.

If you missed out don't worry... you too can win*
Miss Jessie's Product
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  1. Sounds like fun! Where'd you get your studded jacket?

  2. so how do you enter the miss jessie's contest?

  3. You are doing the damn thing girl... this is a great blog.. I love reading it... hey don't know if you know this but I'm in the blog world too..check me!

  4. hey ladies! i just posted about the studded jacket & to win miss jessie's product just subscribe to my blog in the box located in upper left corner!

    Thanks Nikea i really appreciate all the love! good to know you're a fellow blooger i loves it!! + im now following you too!