Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flaunt Fabulous Finds: Forever21 Swimwear

Yeah I know we're not exactly in Spring/Summer season just yet but at least we can anticipate until then....right!? So get ready and mark your calenders for March 1st because Forever21 launches their swimwear collection yet again. So wether you're lucky and live in a warm city, getting ready to pack for one, or just counting down the days, the collection is too cute & affordable to resist altogether. I'm loving the neon yellow leopard one-piece paired with the leather jacket which I have by the way and is sooo amazing!

Flaunt Film: VV Brown's "Game Over"

I'm really liking this gal! Her look, her sound, her voice, and her name! Not to mention she has a vintage boutique where she collects specific pieces and tweaks them out a bit. Unfortunately the page is down for some reason but for future reference it's called VVVintage. Any-whoo this video is amazing as far as the styling and she's flaunting each ensemble with grace. VV Brown's other single entitled "Shark In the Water" is a great song too and I would have loved to post the video but embedding is disabled ugh! On a positive note enjoy if you haven't seen this already! 

Flaunt Fingers: Love & Beauty in Dark Blue/Purple

I haven't done a nail post in a while so here's my current color by Forever21's love & beauty line. I'm not that into it but I'm limited to just 3 nail colors I packed with me to Chicago & I'm over the others. It's a pretty hue for the fall season I guess as we're still in it. Funny thing about this is there's a hint of purple that doesn't seem to show, boo-hoo! Oh and yeessss, I cut my nails...I know!

Flaunt Forever21: Must-Have Accessories

These are a few Forever21 accessories that are definite must-haves! Perfectly chic & fierce to complement any ensemble! Can you tell I have a slight obsession with black and gold!? :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flaunt Mag: Rose Cordero in Vogue Paris March 2010

Model Rose Cordero looks flawless flaunting her stuff on the March issue of Vogue Paris. This is also the first issue with a model of color in over eight years. ummm... Nonetheless she looks amazing and fierce! I love seeing the natural tones and military-inspired themes pop up all over.

Flaunt Designer: SUPADUPA Vintage

You all probably know by now that I love, love, love vintage! Nothing beats having a stylish, one-of-kind garment that's within budget. So when I stumbled upon this line that reuses vintage recycled tees and morphs them into something special, I couldn't help but fall in love with not only the vintage concept but the designs themselves. I've seen this shredding technique before amongst many bloggers via d.i.y projects and even a few lines that specialize in this trend. However, what sets SUPADUPA Vintage from other lines is the affordable price! Designer Tatiana hand-makes each tee which takes up to 2hrs to complete.....yeah! So if your not up to do it yourself check out the line and shop the collection at their Esty store, especially if you cant help yourself and need one ASAP! It's sooooo SUPADUPA lol.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Flaunt Designer: The Kardashians for bebe

photos: bebe
While I was watching "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" I admired the dress Kim wore on her bday and how cute (& brave) Kourtney looked in the cream, long-sleeved mini. I also wanted to slap the ish out of Scott b/c he is so immature and foolish! Anywaaaay Kim, Khole, & Kourtney have partnered with bebe to design a collection inspired by....well themselves & their fav designers it seems! I think it's pretty cleaver how the model resembles the girls and adds that ethnic element to the line. Although I'm not a fan of bebe, with the exception of some of their shoes, I wouldn't mind owning and flaunting a few of these pieces. For the most part they're fun, sexy, and somewhat classic. I also like how they kept the fabrics solid and focused more on the structure and movement of the clothing. Some items are currently featured on and the entire collection will be presented at New York Fashion Week tomorrow!

Flaunt Designer: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

photos: target
Yeah yet another collabo... exciting!!! Jean Paul Gaultier has teamed up with Target! The collection resembles an urban, Rock n' Roll, glamour feel with a bit of edge. The price range is pretty affordable from $17.99- $199.99 featuring trendy pieces like high-waisted shorts, padded jackets, cropped tanks and swimwear. Save up and mark your calendars ladies because the collection will launch in select Target stores on March 7th-April 11th 2010!

Flaunt Film: "Paris Nights/New York Mornings" by Corinne Bailey Rae

I love her so. 
Enjoy Corrine's new video for the single " Paris Nights/New York Mornings". 
So pretty.

Flaunt Trends: Pyramid Studs

So I'm really in love with studs, grommets and such on everything from clothing to shoes, and denim, etc...but who doesn't!?  I've been looking for a pair of simple pyramid studs to wear especially since I'm more of a stud girl than a hoop wearer. With success I found a few pairs online but some too big, too small, or way overpriced. Then magically I found the perfect pair for $30 at Karma Loop and I'm obsessed!! What do you think of wearing the trend as earrings? I FREAKIN' LOVE IT!!! Anyway check out Karma Loop to grab a pair for yourself Flaunt Followers before they sell out. 

Also check out the other fab items they have and if you see what you like enter code FLAUNT2010 to earn 20% off your 1st purchase and 10% off on following purchases anytime. Your welcome & love ya!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Flaunt xoxo: Happy Valentine's Day!

 you Flaunt Followers!

(eye, heart, you. lol)

Have a blessed Valentine's Day :)
kissses- KethiaJ

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flaunt Fabulous Finds: Jessica Simpson vs. Charles Anastase Platform heels

Wow the Jessica Simpson "Dany" platform is a great knock-off to the Charles Anastase platform. I'm a little late especially since these beauties are running out fast and they're just under $100. I love these shoes because they're super high and edgy but sweet at the same time. I also love how the Jessica Simpson platform is more settle for obvious reasons. Must buy asap in black while still available!

Flaunt Trends: Valentine's Day

Lip stick: Estee Lauder, Dress: Forever21, Earrings: Forever21 Clutch: Judith Leiber, Jacket: Forever21, Bracelet: Forever21, Heels: Alexander McQueen Heart Peep-toes

Yeah!!! Valentine's Day is around the corner....Boo!!!! I wont be able to spend it with my bf while he's back in Cali and I'm here in Chi :( On a positive note I decided to make a cute Vday inspired outfit. I know pinks and reds are sooo typical to wear but I never wear red and I do like pink so I figured why not! Anyway I hope you all will enjoy your Valentine's Day with your significant other or with the people you love like family and friends. No matter what everyday should be Valentine's Day in my book!!! Love ya Flaunt Followers!

Flaunt Film: "Rude Boy" by Rihanna

Rihanna's new video is out for her 3rd single "Rude Boy" from Rated R. Finally for once it's not dark, scary and too edgy. It kind of reminds me of when she first came out representing her island roots. Anyway all together I thought it was ok, I just think it lacked creativity in the treatment. Sometimes I'm not into the green-screen digital thing ya know, it all starts looking the same. I do like how she paired the Alexander McQueen leggings with the royal blue bustier along with her G-Shock watches that are intertwined to be worn as a bracelet (creative!). Also I guess she's really diggin' her full piece body suits these days! Oh and for those you visit regularly, I saved your ears from hearing this song upon arrival from my playlist....your welcome :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Flaunt Famous Gal: The Late Josephine Premice

I wanted to flaunt a famous gal who in her day was an accomplished broadway entertainer, singer, dancer, and actress but overall fabulous! She was a known New York socialite with a lot of chic style. This Haitian-born, Brooklyn raised fashionista was also once the muse of famous designers such as Jacques Fath and Hubert de Givenchy! Her daughter Sunsan Fales-Hill highlighted her mother in her memoir, "Always Wear Joy." She states about her mother, "Whether she was going to a black-tie event or the supermarket, her style proclaimed to the world, 'I'm an artist, a lady, and every day is a gift.'" OMG I love it!! Not only am I Haitian but I have the same mentality about dressing great wherever I go even if that means just wearing a plain T and jeans. It's really about flaunting confidence and fabulousness too!

Flaunt Trends: Angelic Pastels

Lace Bra: Forever21; Gold Bracelet: Forever21; Jacket: Camilla & Marc; Purse: MIU MIU; Pants: Forever21; Tank: Forever21; Watch: Michael Kors; Stud Earrings: Juicy Couture; Heels: Proenza Schouler

Like I mentioned before pastels and neutrals are one of the trends seen lately on the red carpet and coming up for spring. It is pretty cold here in Chicago and when the snow begins to melt it comes back again and again!! So I decided to think about the spring season ahead & this trend that I'm loving! Neutrals go with just about anything like black and white and the colors always seem to complement each other. Here are some pieces I love that resemble the trend from high and low-end.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flaunt Event Recap: 2010 Grammys

I'm sure most of you  have seen the Grammys or at least the fashion that flaunted the red carpet by now. Here are a few looks that I admired from a few celeb fashionistas. The trend right now  seems to be soft colors of nude and pastels which I love. I have to say though overall I wasn't too impressed with all the dresses but the ladies looked fabulous for the most part.