Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flaunt D.I.Y: My Aldo Contest How-To


1. Grommet Kit
2. Scissors
3. Hammer
4. Ruler

D.I.Y for the "Flaunt" heel by KethiaJ

This D.I.Y is actually quite simple as long as you have the right materials and a little strength. These heels I bought from ALDO about 2 years ago and I was ready to get rid of them after replacing them with a pair from Target which had a higher heel. So using these to enter the contest worked out perfect and the timing couldn't be any better!

Before starting measure where you want the holes to be placed & mark with a pen.

1. To make holes take the hole cutter and place at 1st marked area. Make sure to hold securely when puncturing leather. Twist your way through with a lot of force until a hole is made.
2. If there happens to be access leather remove it by cutting off with scissors.
3. Place a grommet base in the grommet setter.
4. Place a grommet top on the grommet inserting die and on top of wood base.
5. Place setter through pre-made hole with steps 3 & 4 intact.
6. Hold securely while hammering grommets together. You only need to hammer really well about 2 times.
7. Continue until all holes are made and placed with grommets and voila! Done!

You can use grommets for anything by the way and it's a great way to update your pieces that you might not care for anymore. I was definitely inspired by Christopher Kane's line for TopShop and I happen to have a grommet kit laying around from a past project.

I hope you Flaunt Followers try this at home and if you do, send me an email and I'll re-post here!

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  1. very creative. I like the way you think lol.