Friday, October 16, 2009

Flaunt Face: My 5min "Everyday" Makeup Look

Without Blush With Blush

Without Liner With Liner

Not only do I love clothes and fashion I love makeup and beauty! There are times where flaunting too much makeup isn’t required so sticking to an “everyday” look is essential. Here is my everyday makeup look which is light and natural looking. Below are the products I typically use to accomplish this look.

Concealer: Mac Select Cover-Up in "NW40"

I use this stuff religiously!!! It’s like the underwear for my face lol. I apply a thin layer underneath my eyelids with my ring finger making sure to pat gently to cover entire under eye area. This color is also a shade lighter than my skin complexion but that's key in creating a bright-eyed look!

Powder: Mac Select Sheer/Loose in "NW45"

Next I apply my loose powder over my entire face in a light circular motion. I’ve also used the Bare Essentials kit in DEEP but I recently ran out so I’m using my MAC for now. This also has a great sheer coverage that's not too heavy feeling or looking.

Eye Shadow: Bed Head in "Sunset"

I have this two color combo my sister gave me from some gift bag. The colors are a copper-ish and champagne hue. I apply the copper on my lids and apply the champagne directly under my eye brows as a highlight again with my ring finger. I make sure to blend both colors and the shadow in general evenly, to make it as natural as possible.

Eye Liner: Mac Eye Koul in "Smolder"

After I apply my eye shadow I apply a thin line of liner. I don't like to do it too thick only because I don't think it looks that great on me. I love this liner because it goes on smooth and it doesn't run. My eyes get oily towards the end of the day so this works great for that.

Mascara: Clinique High Impact in "Black"

After lining my eyes I apply a few coats of my favorite mascara!! This has truly been one of the only mascaras that I've used by far that that has really given me great added length! I love this stuff so much I've already mentioned it in a previous post. It's so good that if I ever end up not wearing much makeup at all this is the exception to that rule!

Blush: Black Radiance in "Ruby Treasure"

Next sometimes I apply a very light application of blush on the apples of my cheeks. I usually smile to hit the right spots of my cheeks. To be honest I really don't like to use blush all the time however it does finish my everyday look w/ some slight color for a fresh looking face!

Lip Gloss: Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush in "A Slice of Heaven"

Last but not least I finish my look with a light sparkling lip gloss. I love this one because it goes on smooth and the sparkles give your lips a nice glow. Not to mention it smells delicious! The color has an iridescent pink and gold undertone so it looks devine in the sun!

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  1. I love your everyday makeup looks! And that Black Radiance blush is the business! I couldn't believe how pigmented it is and it's only like $3.99 :)