Thursday, September 24, 2009

Flaunt Feet: You're Such a Stud!

I just realized out of all the pairs of shoes I own (48 and counting), which I think, is very little I don't have a pair of studded heels! I'm not sure why I've held back on this trend that has been around for a while, but I think I was looking for the "right" pair. Well I found 4 pairs that I absolutely love to death! Aldo's GUERRETTE heel that's completely embellished in studs with a zipper detail, Steve Madden's BRIGGHT inspired by Balmain crystal studded sandals, ASOS's SOFIA suede heel with a slight cut-out, and Jessica Simpson's Studded Gladiator Sandal with a platform.

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Flaunt Film: Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT 10.28.09

I am soooooooooooooo excited!

That is all...

Flaunt Facsimile: Mrs. Huxtable vs. F21

So over the weekend I was watching one of my favorite shows, The Cosby Show. I just got the 1st season and practically watched the whole thing completely! I couldn't help but notice that in one of the episodes Mrs. Huxtable was wearing an amazing brass necklace. Ironically I was browsing the Forever 21 site and found a Paddle Trim Necklace just like it! I guess it was meant to be and you too can get this necklace in silver or gold for only $9.80!

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flaunt Face: Serena Williams

I couldn't help but notice how flawless Serena William's makeup looked last week when she attended Mary J. Blige’s FFAWN charity benefit at the Gucci Store in New York. This was such a suprize only because it's rare to see her shine like this! Don't get me wrong, I think she's beautiful and definitely owns her strong features, however she really looks amazing here. It instantly reminded me of Sam Fine's beautiful work who has done Serena's makeup in the past amongst many other celebs!

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flaunt D.I.Y Video: Leopard Print Nails

Hey Flaunt Fashionistas!! I'm so sorry that you haven't heard from me, I just haven't been feeling good after Tuesday. Besides that I've also had many request on the leopard nail design that I posted on twit pic a while ago so I decided to do a tutorial video for you. I hope I'm not boring you as I filmed this the day I felt better. Anyway check it out, let me know what you think and send pics if you try the design for yourselves! Thanks for being so patient with me plus I appreciate all the love and support!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flaunt Fashionista: green friendly

Yesterday I interviewed the owner and head designer of Stop Staring and this is what I wore. It was a bit overcast mid-day but the sun soon came out shortly after. I typically don't wear green but I saw this vintage top in my drawer while trying to figure out what to wear. I've never worn this top before and I figured I should throw it on today especially with the weather as it was.

The interview will be up later this week so make sure to check it out! I had tons of fun seeing all the beyond-the-scene action and getting to know more about the line!

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Flaunt Red Carpet: 2009 VMA Arrivals

Check out these beautiful ladies; Amerie, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Solange, Cassie & Keri Hilson flaunting at the 2009 VMAs last night. I noticed there was a lot of black and silver worn amongst many of the arrivals. Also I wasn't too amazed by any specific outfit, and some were too questionable to post. For the most part all the ladies looked put together and fashion-forward. What did you Flaunt Followers think of the VMAs red carpet fashion & the VMAs in general?

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Flaunt Fashionista: he loves me...he loves me not

Last night I so wished I was in NYC for the 1st annual Fashion Night Out event. Although I wasn't there I attended Los Angeles's own Fashion Night Out held at Fred Segal. I wore this vintage multi-colored floral cropped top with strong shoulders, my old high-waisted F21 skinny jeans and YSL inspired black patent leather platforms by BCBG. To finish the look I wore my vintage Italian made Giudi brown leather saddle bag. My makeup look was inspired by my top of course with a gold highlight, a light blue crease, purple outer lining, finished off with my fav mascara plus black pencil which lined the top and bottom of my lids.

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flaunt Fabulous Finds: Alexander McQueen vs. Steve Madden

Alexander McQueen= $1159 vs. Steve Madden= $129.99

I just added another item to my wish list!!!! This bootie has been spotted on Amerie, Rihanna, & Lindsay Lohan to name a few. It runs for a good $1,159 but now you too can get the same Alexander McQueen inspired look for a fraction of the price at Steve Madden! At $129.99 they aren't available just yet, only for pre-order so I can't wait to get my hands...well feet rather in them! It's so funny how not very long ago when I first saw these unique booties, I wasn't too impressed. After realizing Steve Madden had their own version, I definitely reconsidered and they instantly became cuter!

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Flaunt Business: Trya Banks to launch Online Magazine

Tyra Banks has produced a reality TV show about a fashion magazine, and now she’s launching a fashion title of her own. The former model-turned-media personality is taking her brand into the online publishing world with the Web-only magazine Tyra: Beauty Inside & Out. Banks had been approached several times to publish a tangible magazine, but given the state of the industry and the growing popularity of online media, she decided to go the Internet route. When the site launches, it will feature an audio “manifesto” that asks readers to dream big, ignore the haters, celebrate uniqueness and seek the beauty in everything. The magazine, which will have six full-time staffers, will explore subjects in beauty, fashion, healthy living and relationships. There also will be behind-the-scenes footage from “America’s Next Top Model,” “The Tyra Show” and photo shoots. The site kicks off today at 5 p.m. with a competition to fast-track one application for cycle 14 of “America’s Next Top Model.” The winner will receive an interview in the final round of the selection process, bypassing previous rounds. — Amy Wicks

Source: WWD

Tyra Banks is totally doing her thing and aside from being a formal model and now TV personality, in general she's a great business woman! YES!

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flaunt Mag: Janet Jackson in Harper Bazaar

I can't wait to get my October issue in the mail of Janet gracing the cover of Harper Bazaar. Included is a world exclusive interview where she discusses Michael's death, her recent breakup with Jermaine, and the VMAs. She looks strong and fabulous!!

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Flaunt D.I.Y: Silver Shimmer & White Nails

Recently I painted my nails and have been getting lots of compliments. Had I known I was going to get so much great feedback I would have done a video showing each step. Instead here are important steps listed, but once I repaint my nails I'll make a tutorial on this look. Also would this be considered wearing white after Labor Day lol??

Essie in "Snow White"
Klean Color in "Chunky Silver"
Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

Step #1: Paint one coat of white. Make sure it's an even coat as white easily makes streaks. Dry completely.

Step #2: Carefully grab the silver foils at the tip of your brush to paint at the tips of your nails. If you don't have enough glitter you will have too many coats of polish which will cause them to be clumpy and hard to dry. Once semi-dry, gently pat down foil glitter to avoid flaking. Then dry completely.

Step #3: Take the silver foil but a bit less this time around. Paint over entire nail bed. Your nails should look like the silver is fading from the tips. Keep in mind it's quite difficult to get the flow of things so be patient and take your time. Dry completely.

Step #4: Paint over all nails with Seche Vite. This will completely seal your polish from chipping and keep your mani lasting!

Hopefully that was helpful! I'd love to see pics from you Flaunt Followers on this look. You can also use any type of glitter or foil polish and any color base. Send your pics to!

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Flaunt What Was She Wearing?: Ciara in West Hollywood

Ciara was spotted in West Hollywood the other day looking fab! So to flaunt & accomplish her look here's an EZEKIEL ($23.99) top along with a Forever21 single button vest ($24.80). Take these distressed jeans from Arden B ($78) and tuck them in these stacked laced boots from Tory Burch ($595).

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Flaunt Foto Fashion: TIME Style & Design

By Chad Pitman, Styled by Katie Mossman

Check out these stunning images from TIME Magazine's Style & Design issue. Unfortunately the magazine is ending the publishing due to the collapse of the luxury market. However, they will continue to cover the usual issues but not in the form of the quarterly Style & Design magazine.
It's about time they pay tribute to what I believe is the foundation of many inspirations even outside of fashion. I love the bold prints and mixing of different fabrics with modern cuts. Many of the designs are of Duro Olowu, which I need to own a piece of his work myself! All of the images are so beautiful and inspiring, you can't help but stare.

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

Flaunt Tattoo: Should I get this?!

I drew this sample tat with a Sharpie...not a good idea for everyday use fyi

Hey you guys so the last few years I've been thinking of getting more tattoos, 3 to be exact, and I currently have 1. They would all be very small and discreet but meaningful of course.

So the other day I thought to myself, "why not add another to the list"! So let me know your thoughts; should I get this "flaunt" tattoo or not? Keep in mind I'd like for the tattoo to be small enough so that if I'm wearing pumps (in a professional setting) it's hidden.

Although TheFlauntFiles is fairly new my dream is for it to bloom and grow in the fashion world. This blog represents for the most part so again, why not!? Let me know your thoughts Flaunt Followers!!

Flaunt Foto Fashion: Paula Patton

FASHION EDITOR: Anne Christensen PHOTOGRAPHER: Maciek Kobielski

The beautiful actress Paula Patton was featured in The New York Times Style Magazine's online space entitled "Body Double". The photo shoot shows Paula's sexy feminine side along with her masculine edge. Not only is she a fierce fashionista, she's a wonderful actress and has an attractive talented husband, Robin Thicke.

I'm really loving the lace body suit she's wearing with both dresses. Also she makes the over-sized "Cosby" sweater look pretty good plus the grey-tones in it are beautiful.

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!