Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flaunt Fabulous Finds: Forever21 Swimwear

Yeah I know we're not exactly in Spring/Summer season just yet but at least we can anticipate until then....right!? So get ready and mark your calenders for March 1st because Forever21 launches their swimwear collection yet again. So wether you're lucky and live in a warm city, getting ready to pack for one, or just counting down the days, the collection is too cute & affordable to resist altogether. I'm loving the neon yellow leopard one-piece paired with the leather jacket which I have by the way and is sooo amazing!


  1. I remember browsing their swimwear last year online. I was so close to buying so many suits, but then I never did because I have no boobs and I'd be a chicken that they wouldn't fit.

    I'll try to brave up this year.

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  3. your swimwear are very nice!

    I like it..cause it is simple but stylish! :)