Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flaunt Trends: Valentine's Day

Lip stick: Estee Lauder, Dress: Forever21, Earrings: Forever21 Clutch: Judith Leiber, Jacket: Forever21, Bracelet: Forever21, Heels: Alexander McQueen Heart Peep-toes

Yeah!!! Valentine's Day is around the corner....Boo!!!! I wont be able to spend it with my bf while he's back in Cali and I'm here in Chi :( On a positive note I decided to make a cute Vday inspired outfit. I know pinks and reds are sooo typical to wear but I never wear red and I do like pink so I figured why not! Anyway I hope you all will enjoy your Valentine's Day with your significant other or with the people you love like family and friends. No matter what everyday should be Valentine's Day in my book!!! Love ya Flaunt Followers!

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