Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Flaunt Face: Sade on the cover of Ebony April 2010

I would typically label this post "Flaunt Mag" but I had to label it "Flaunt Face" because apparently Sade doesn't age! I need to figure out her EVERYTHING regimen! From her hair, body and especially her flawless skin, this 51 year old beauty seems to stand still in time, literally. I just love it! You better flaunt Sade!


  1. she is absolutely GORGEOUS! I mean she doesn't look CLOSE to 51...and I LOVE that red lipstick with the black hair!

  2. I love love love her, I really do! LoL she is a Capricorn, and supposedly we age backwards...could be the marijuana regimen as well, LoL!