Monday, February 15, 2010

Flaunt Designer: The Kardashians for bebe

photos: bebe
While I was watching "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" I admired the dress Kim wore on her bday and how cute (& brave) Kourtney looked in the cream, long-sleeved mini. I also wanted to slap the ish out of Scott b/c he is so immature and foolish! Anywaaaay Kim, Khole, & Kourtney have partnered with bebe to design a collection inspired by....well themselves & their fav designers it seems! I think it's pretty cleaver how the model resembles the girls and adds that ethnic element to the line. Although I'm not a fan of bebe, with the exception of some of their shoes, I wouldn't mind owning and flaunting a few of these pieces. For the most part they're fun, sexy, and somewhat classic. I also like how they kept the fabrics solid and focused more on the structure and movement of the clothing. Some items are currently featured on and the entire collection will be presented at New York Fashion Week tomorrow!


  1. That Olive wrap dress is speaking things to me.

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  3. i think she did great with this collection, considering its BeBe and they all look inspired by pieces she would actually her!

    XO Kimmy

  4. Oh yeah I heard about this! HOTTNESS!! I'm sooo loving that hot pink romper. The dresses are hot too, but I wish they're shorter? Or maybe the model's just not tall enough lol. I'm sure gonna get my hands on a piece, best believe that!

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