Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flaunt Film: VV Brown's "Game Over"

I'm really liking this gal! Her look, her sound, her voice, and her name! Not to mention she has a vintage boutique where she collects specific pieces and tweaks them out a bit. Unfortunately the page is down for some reason but for future reference it's called VVVintage. Any-whoo this video is amazing as far as the styling and she's flaunting each ensemble with grace. VV Brown's other single entitled "Shark In the Water" is a great song too and I would have loved to post the video but embedding is disabled ugh! On a positive note enjoy if you haven't seen this already! 


  1. OMG I love VV, her style is crazy!!!

  2. I discovered her no less than a month ago and I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE!!!!!

    I bought her CD (the UK Version) off of Amazon and it ROCKS! Good to see that others are able to experience all that is V.V. Brown!