Monday, March 8, 2010

Flaunt Recent Accessory Buys

Black leather jacket $32.80
Black/gold sunglasses= $5.80
Black/gold pyramid ring= $5.80 (i think)
Authentic Dooney & Bourke shoulder bag= $9.97

I got some amazing stuff while I was in Chicago that I forgot to share! The jacket is by far the most amazing leather jacket that I've seen Forever 21 carry. The quality, cut, details, and price are to die for! I've gotten so many complements and even my sister Laura and bestie Samantha grabbed one for themselves! The shades I happen to see in passing and just had to add them to my collection. The chain-like lining is what makes it ultra-chic! And yes, my obsession with pyramids got worse when I saw this dope black and gold pyramid ring! Like really, how amazing right!? Last but not least I almost fainted when I saw this authentic Dooney & Bourke shoulder back which was in mint condition! I have a similar one purchased months ago that was also second-hand. I swear at times I'm like a vintage lucky-charm!

Also sidebar: the reason for lack of outfit post is because lack of camera :( I'm all about quality so I don't want to take bogus-looking hard-to-see pics with my Blackberry or MacBook....sorry. Hopefully soon I'll be able to get a cam to have more outfit post, preferably a Nikon. If you have suggestions in the meantime let me know!


  1. Have you got any tips for vintage shopping?

    Love the finds, I've been wanting a leather jacket forever!


  2. I have those shades.....Love them!!

  3., you have to let me know when you're in Chicago again so we can do a little shopping together. Those are some fabulous finds!