Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flaunt Feature: Fashionbomb Daily

Hey Flaunt Followers I have good news! Yesterday was a great, & exciting day! I was featured on Fashionbomb Daily's website as the Fashionbombshell of the day thanks to Claire, the Editor-In-Chef. There were so many great positive comments and I truley appreciated all of them. If you haven't seen the post make sure to check it out! The site is also a great source for everyday happenings focused on fashion, especially for the sistas! So if you don't know now you

I'd also like to thank everyone who has supported me thus far and welcome to any new followers or fans!! So many exciting things are coming up soon, and I'll be happy to share them with you all!!!

Don't forget to check out, because I said so! :)



  1. hey! i followed you over from fb. you are fierce honey. love your blog and look forward to following. wish u the best in all you do!

  2. i followed u from fb as well, and i have to say, u are working it. look forward to seeing your posts on here. thanks for have very inspirational style.

  3. lol 3rd I followed the link from Fashion Bomb and read you entire blog already.

    I do like how you put things together and to top it off you posted my favorite song from one of my MOST FAVORITE bands gahhhhhh couldn't luv you more.
    Keep on posting!

  4. OK so I go to, daily and I saw ur feature!! ANd u are too fly!!! And now I like your webpage too!!! Keep it up,

  5. hey you have amazing style. can you remind me where that sequin tank is from? its on one of your pics from the fashionbomb. i feel like i seen it before somewhere. now, i wish i didnt pass on it.

  6. I followed you from FB as well and I love your syle and I think your fabulous

  7. Thanks sooo much!! I really appreciate all of you!! :) More exciting things to come soon!!

    To Anonymous: The sequin top is from F21 but I got it quite some time ago. Hopefully you can still find it. Good Luck!! :)