Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flaunt Film: Ciara "WORK"

Alright-y, so this video has been out for quite some time however it's fairly new and SUPER hot!! Ciara is really doing what she does best just like she did in the beginning. I miss this entertaining aspect of music in general....seriously I really do. Not to mention her ensembles are stunning and work very well with the impressive scenery. She's almost like our modern day Janet and i luv it, plus personally this video does a couple things for me:

a. Makes me feel bad but hype to want to "work"...workout that is, after seeing her intense body!
b. Learn the main dance moves, so that I'm ready to bust-a-move at the club or at any given moment! lol
c. Go buy a suuuuupppper long pony'll see why!

Anyway Ciara does the damn thing and she's definitely getting her flaunt on!!!

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!

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