Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flaunt Fabulous FInds: Secret Shoe Store!

zebra colored platforms...none in my size & super cute nude patented leather wedges...again not in my size :(

i walked away w/ 3 pairs of shoes!! (lately being smart about my spending, but wanted to buy tons more!)

Ok today I tripped out because my friend introduced me to a store where all the shoes are under $15. Yes I repeat ALLLLL the shoes are under $15! Now the quality of the shoes wern't anything amazing, however you can't beat shoes under $15 especially when majority of the shoes would typically start at about $25+ elsewhere. There was so much going on and if you wanted a specific shoe in your size it was every girl for themselves as shoes were selling left & right! Here are a few pics of a few pairs that i got & couldn't get! Aaahhh so excited!!!!

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!


  1. Eugenia told you about this store??? Don't be tellin the world!!! Then they'll be no shoes left for me silly...

    Lol... You're blog is cool!


  2. When I come to LA with Laura I sure hope this store is still around. I'd LOVE those fabulous nude wedges (even though my nude is a chocolate brown :D). The closest I've come to a $6 fabulous shoe store is the 75% clearance aisle at Target (Tar-zjay)

  3. I live in LA, any chance that u can tell the "secrect" to a fellow fashionista?