Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flaunt Fashion: i-D Magazine Pretty Young Things

How fierce, how stunning, how f'ing AMAZING right!!! For now I'm posting the cover and video but I am sooooo inspired and loving that there's 4 beautiful woman of Color; Chanel Iman, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn & Arlenis Sosa that are gracing i-D mag's Pre-Fall issue. I'm loving it so much I decided to have some fun and create the look they're flaunting as well! What do you think Flaunt Followers?!
AHHHHHHHHHH flaunt that thang ladies!!!

stay Fierce, be Fearless, & Flaunt got it!


  1. Get ready for all of the new subscribers thanks to the post on the FashionBomb!

    Your sense of style is sick!

  2. Spotted your style and blog on The Fashion Bomb. Nice! And I love that cover shot! Gonna have to try that look out too!

  3. Hey Kethia I am a huge fan of your blog and subsequently have started my own.. you should check it out... at

    Fabulous honey Fabulous!

  4. Hey! I saw you on FashionBomb and just thought I would check out your blog. You look fabulously chic. Flaunt on, sister!