Monday, December 7, 2009

Flaunt Feature: My Sister on T.E.E.N Diaries Online

Check out my sister Laura and her recent blog post for T.E.E.N Diaries. My sister is studying Journalism at the University of Missouri so I encouraged her to be a TEEN Reporter. After many submissions from applicants, only 8 were chosen and she got the position! T.E.E.N Diaries is an urban-based online source that keeps high school to college girls up-to-date on current events, political issues, pop culture, fashion, beauty and more. You can also follow them on twitter at Any-whoo make sure to check out my little sis's "Hair Diaries" post! I'm so proud of her and absolutely LOVED her post so I had to flaunt it! It's nice to see that she listens to me and is following my footsteps in the blog world! Love you Laura...muah!

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