Monday, December 14, 2009

Flaunt Events: GOUGH HARDE Preview Party TONIGHT!

Hey Flaunt Followers I've been extremely busy this weekend but aren't we all with the holiday week approaching! Anyway I wanted to introduce you to a dope line called, GOUGH HARDE which will be launching  in 2010. This lifestyle brand is bringing it's first accessory called the "Coufie" to the streets that you can definitely swipe between you and your guy! It's not beholding to any jacket so you can also pair it with blazers, sweaters, Ts and more!

If you're in the Los Angeles area make sure to stop by to the GOUGH HARDE preview party to get a first look! The creators Dante Hughes of the San Diego Chargers and Nikko Goudeau will be present to tell you all about their "Art Inspiring Fashion" line. It's a free event with encouraged $5 dollar donations to benefit Snoop Dogg's Youth Football foundation, which is also an entry for the raffle to win tickets to a Charger game, the Robin Thicke concert + more. There will also be Monday Night Football, live art, & plenty of eye candy! ;)  If you can come to event please RSVP NOW!

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