Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flaunt D.I.Y Halloween! Selena Perez

Finally found that darn silver!

Making sure the sizes are correct

The beginning...Bidi Bidi Bom Bom!!

Materials for Selena costume=$22.99
Dressing up as Selena=priceless

photography by: 3EyesMedia

Friday I went downtown to shop for my Selena Halloween costume. I felt that if I was going to represent the late Selena I had to do it right!! I went to a few trim stores and found elastic sequined red and silver trim for $6 total. The red trim was easy to find but the silver on the other hand took 3 stores until it was spotted. I then went to an under garment store and bought a black demi-cup bra and black high waisted leggings for $16 total. I didn't mind spending the money because I figured I'll be able to reuse both. About 5 stores later I found these really cheap earrings for 99cents! Done...then it was time to eat, go home and make some magic!

So here are few pics of the hunting, the photos I used for inspiration, and me in my D.I.Y Selena Costume!

What do you Flaunt Followers think, did I represent her well?!


  1. wow you did an execellent job with this, looking good

  2. luvs it!! very original

  3. Love the costume , this is one of my fav movies of all time.

  4. GREAT JOB! Did anyone guess who you were supposed to be?

  5. good job gurl but a little advice from me is that .....u should make manually like selena did and it would take bunch of days but u should make it atleast a week before the the event so u may prepare your self and your costume but good job really i didn't realize that there are some people who can imitate selena in these days........mwahhhh

  6. Selena's were swarovski crystal.