Monday, January 25, 2010

My 1st Thrift Store finds in Chicago!

Vintage painting= $3.99

Nautical inspired shoulder bag= $4.99

Clutch w/ gold chain= $4.99

Vintage gold cuff= $7.99

So now that I'm in Chicago of course I had to be on the look-out for the local vintage & thrift stores. So just last week I happen to notice a thrift store literally down the street from my house as I was leaving the drug store. Simply going there wasn't apart of my original plan so I didn't have much time to browse around. Ha, like that's ever a problem.... usually that's when I end up finding the best stuff! So of course I did & above are the things I walked away with!! 

I love the painting I found for just $3.99 that also ironically symbolizes me in a way. It's fashion-forward, ethnic, strong, and vintage! I'm also using it as the inspiration for my room that I'll be decorating which already has yellow walls to tie in the yellow scarf she's wearing! Both purses were $4.99 and the cuff was the most expensive at $7.99! I think I did pretty well considering I was there for only 10mins and spent about $20 total! Ugh I wish I had more time b/c I know there were waaaaay more goodies waiting to be found!


  1. cannot believe you got that painting for #3.99!! sooo pretty...I have no patience to really search through thrift shops, but I'm def. going to try and stop bein lazy!

    XO Kimmy

  2. You wouldn't happen to want to share the name of the store where you found these fab things would you? *crosses fingers that you'll dish*