Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Flaunt Face: My Everyday Makeup Regimen

Here's a video tutorial I did months ago on my everyday makeup regimen! I totally forgot to finish sorry! Although this was taped months ago the makeup process is pretty much the same but I do switch back and forth with liquid and pencil eyeliners. I usually stick to liquid and my fav is Loreal's Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in carbon black.

before after

Click here for the other products that were also mentioned in a previous post. Sorry for the bad lighting and the gross white head on my face that eventually got removed apon applying makeup lol. Sidebar, picking pimples is one of my pet-peeves by the way. Not only does it cause damage and scares, for some reason I refuse to pick them (unless they're absolutely revolting!) Anyway enjoy the video Flaunt Followers!


  1. Lovely makeup. It looks natural but really looks gorgeous.

  2. 1. Thank you immensely for posting this video.
    2. The picture in the middle of your header is just gorgeous!

  3. great video! and you've been tagged ;)

  4. Im new to your blog; now following you !
    stay lovely , it' s cold out there !