Friday, January 8, 2010

Flaunt Obsession: Block Shades

I've been meaning to share my obsession with block/shield shades long ago since my Flaunt Fabulous Finds post on F21 accessories. I just realized that I haven't yet so here are some of my favs. I love these types of sunglasses so much because not only are they fierce & fabulous but if you don't really feel like wearing make-up while stepping out, running errands, or whatever, they do the trick so lol!  Really though, these shades are still a must-have for this season & can very well be worn into spring and summer! These are also flaunted by famous gals like Beyonce, Rihanna, & Lady Gaga to name a few. From Versace & Margiela to A-Mori, 2BD, + COCO&BREEZY you can get this look at a pretty penny or just a few dollars!


  1. Rihannas lace shades are crazy fly! cute blog!! Im following =)

    XO Kimmy

  2. I seriously just ordered a pair of the same shades from Nasty Gal before coming on here... effing crazy lolz. I just like to feel like I'm in the CIA.

  3. I love the shield shades!

    i really like your blog

    check me out at

  4. Yay! I love those shades too... I got some Coco&Breezy and LOVE them... But I want more :).

    Btw, your banner rocks. Real Bad!

    Laura E.