Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flaunt Food: SaladFarm

About a week ago me and my S.O were looking for a place to eat. We were on the hunt for something good but not too expensive. Ummmm that's harder than you think. So we were in the SC area and I was remembered this place I went to called SaladFarm. So we decided to go & our food was pretty bangin'! They have their own signature salads or you can create your own. I ordered my own creation of romaine lettuce, raisins, grilled chicken, corn, red onions, avocado, parmesan, and caesar dressing to top it off! This is how I make my salads at home so what better way to order it how I like it. My S.O ordered the grilled steak panini that comes with a side of potato salad. I must add that the potato salad was gross! It seemed like there was wasabi alllll in it which I hate. But besides that I believe the mission was accomplished!
Darn now I'm kinda hungry... :)

1 comment:

  1. That potatoe salad looks like ice cream lol.