Thursday, September 2, 2010

Flaunt Fragrance: Updates + NEW FRAGRANCE BAR!

Hey Lovers! It's been a while since I've blogged! I know, I know what's new! I hate that I've been so neglectful lately but I've been a bit busy. Okay so  right now I'm in a car connected on the internet through my phone's blue-tooth on my way to Vegas...yea see its that bad! I have 46% left  of battery life so let me make this quick:

I went to a Kinky Curly event last week at Wilshire Beauty to help out the owner Shelly and my good friend Shawanna. Therefore I'm currently rocking a braid-out and it's now looking a lil crazy! Also I did get all the hair tutorial requests and explanations so those are coming soon I promise!
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SHOP The Flaunt Files is now selling perfumes!! Right now some of my favs are available but if you don't see your fav simply send a request to 

My 24th Golden bday was Aug. 24th!! Whoo-hoo & boo-hoo! Whoo-hoo because of course you always get excited on your bday but boo-hoo because I'm 24!! Yea I know,  everyone's telling me I'm still a baby, whatever that means. However, the new wrinkles on my face and random body pains beg to differ!


  1. WOW! You look GREAT! You are killing that jacket, I love those strong shoulders :) Very very very nice! And you have a great blog

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  2. Your birthday looked like it was special. Love your blog!

  3. Such a fierce look, that top is so different and i'm loving the vintage look of it.

    Stay gorgeous!

  4. I adore this look! You look absolutely stunning!