Saturday, March 5, 2016

GORILLA SNOT GEL Review + Updated WASH AND GO Routine 

Hey flawless! Below is a detailed video and step-by-step pictorial of my 1st Impression Review on GORILLA SNOT GEL + my updated WASH AND GO routine. I tried both the SPORT and PUNK versions because they both have a hold of 10, however I do have a FAVORITE...Watch the entire video to see which I like more!  

| 1 |

I recommend starting with freshly washed hair. However I started on dry (3-day old) hair. Using the L.O.C method, saturate your hair with H20, Coconut Oil, & a creme-based leave-in conditioner before applying gel.  

| 2 |

This is the GORILLA SNOT GEL in PUNK. Super intense, heavy-duty,  & gooey with a fresh scent that's amazing! Remember Herbal Essences?...well yea very similar!

| 3 |

Because this gel is so thick, I suggest patting the outer surface of your hair section before you work the gel all the way in, in order to cover your stands.

| 4 |

Once you've covered the entire section go back to shingle the hair starting from the bottom and working up. This will ensure all the strands are covered, especially if you have thick hair. 

| 5 |

Introducing the GORILLA SNOT GEL in SPORT. Also super intense, heavy-duty,  & gooey with a minty smell! There's also a cooling effect to this, so perfect for summer!

| 6 |

Prepare your hair using the pineapple method and tie a satin scarf for added protection...enjoy your beauty rest!

| 7 |

To elongate your hair, simply part your hair in workable small sections and focus the nozzle of your blow dryer on medium heat at the roots only!


Now your hair is completely stretched and you're all set!

Enjoy gorgeous & go FLAUNT your fierceness! 

xo- KeKeJ

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