Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year, New-ME, New-YOU!

Hello there FlauntFashionistas (old and new),

Wow it was been way too long since my last post and well...I miss blogging + all of you! The last time I posted on Nov 1st, 2010 was the first day I started my current job...hmm that says a lot huh?!  Well tons has happened since then of course, and I can't wait to get back into "flaunting"! In a nutshell I've been managing in retail for over a year (being one of the top stores in my district btw), I'm styling again (mostly assisting) while time permits, I'm working on a clothing line that I can't wait to share more details and sneaky peaks, and I'm currently working on an amazing event to help fund the line...hey times are hard lol! Besides that I'm still single and learning everyday to embrace the sweetness of solitude...especially as I also live alone. Speaking of, January 1st marked a year that I've been in my apartment whoo-hoo! But oddly enough I still haven't had the guts to fully style-out my space with my personal touch boo-hoo...maybe soon it's now 2012... heck-yeah!!

And because we are in a new year this can also mean a new-YOU + a new-ME! There's so much to flaunt so what better time to take advantage again! I won't make any promises however I will try my very best to stay more involved with my blog. Lastly I want to thank everyone that has visited in the past, continue to visit daily (waiting patiently for the next post) now in the presence, and new visitors I hope to meet in the near future. I want to inspire, be inspired, and keep you inspired while taking you through this journey to come!

Most importantly be fearless, stay fierce and flaunt-it because you've always had it!


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