Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hey Flaunt Followers! + Perricone Cold Plasma Reviews & Giveaway!

Hey Flaunt Followers it's been a little more than a month since I've posted and honestly in the blog world it feels like I've been gone for waaaayy longer!! Anyway I have a few updates for ya:

1. I was offered a position at my internship....yeah me!!
2. The SHOPTheFlauntFiles store is currently 15% off ALL ITEMS!
3. I purchased this amazing shampoo by Elusence...yes it's that good I had to share lol
4. I got some super-fly inexpensive accessories from F21... pics coming soon!
5. My video interview for Chicisimo was recently posted! Check it out!
6. Lastly for being awesome, committed, patient, loving followers I have an awesome review/give-away for you within this post! 

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I just posted my top 7 personal tips for flawless skin and along with those tips, a very important aspect of having flawless skin is investing in key quality products. Amongst the many great skin-care lines available, I've heard many great things about Perricone MD. One of my good friends and beauty expert Shawanna of BeautyLosAngeles, told me that Perricone MD is such an amazing line and it happens to be one of Oprah's favs! If Oprah is giving it the stamp of approval it must be that good, right!? I'm always down for my frugal buys but every blue moon it's okay to invest in a more expensive product as long as the quality is top-notch! 

Without a doubt Perricone MD is definitely top-of-the-line and ironically I came across one of Dr. Nicholas Perricone's books at my local health store/restaurant. Not to mention one of the newer products, Cold Plasma, has gotten me really excited because there has been 5 years of intensive research behind it. It's designed to aid the 10 most visible signs of aging no matter your skin type and it's free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, fragrance, and fillers! Amazing right!? Now I know I'm only 23, but I'm definitely seeing some wrinkles creeping in and I'm freaking out like AHHHH!!

Overall the line offers an array of products that focus on different specific areas of the skin. It also offers cosmetics that contain the same safe-skin qualities in the facial products. I'm not the only one raving about this line there are plenty of Cold Plasma Perrione reviews all over! And if you're still a hard-core, frugal fashionista there is a Perricone Sale to get more bang for your buck! ;) 

So Flaunt Followers, if you want healthy, radiant, youthful, flaunt-able skin & a chance to win Perricone MD, please explain why you want or need Cold Plasma in your life below in the comment section! It's that simple, good luck!

Comment below for a chance to win Perricone MD's Cold Plasma!

One of the many Dr. Nicholas Perricone books I spotted at Simply Wholesome!

Required entry components (U.S. and Canada only). Must comment below with the answer to: "Why do you want or need Cold Plasma?". One entry per person. Contest Begins June 5, 2010 6:00AM PST and ends June 12, 2010 11:59PM EST.


  1. I would love to have Cold Plasma because I have battled Acne since I was 11-12 years old. Growing up I noticed that a lot of things were kicking in along with it and now that I am 22, I too am seeing some wrinkles on my forehead and just blotches on my skin I want to get rid of.

    I just graduated college. I want my face to look good, clear and as if it were flawless - ready to enter the job workforce. Appearance is a huge factor in making a good impression. I want to ensure I am ready for that moment and hope this product will assist in that.

  2. I would love to win this because I am in my 50's and I need a really superior skin product, but this is a bit pricey for my budget. Thanks for the chance to win some!


  3. I'm getting married in October - and I have blotchy skin on my face. From what I have read, Cold Plasma will help me with that.

    Thanks for a chance to try it! My bridal budget doesn't allow for $150 for a face cream, unfortunately.

  4. I NEED Cold Plasma in my life!!! I'm a pediatric nurse and I just started working the night shift, and my skin is not happy. Think acne and puffy eyes :( This would help me achieve "flaunt-able" skin, that I could show off, when I'm not nursing sick little kiddos!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I have bags under my eyes, but I'm still young and its so disheartening to be dressed up in your best, accessories and then hear "oh wow are you ok? you look soooo tired" :( I read up on the product and I'm encouraged by the sample respondents and the % of people that consistently saw improvements. I would really love the opportunity to try this product to help revive (eliminate puffiness, darkness and lines) my eyes area... they are windows to the soul and a barometer of youth. Help!

  6. I need cold plasma becaause im 33 and my face is starting to sag and people are making comments. its very embarassing. its mostly my neck and i have tried other creams and they havent worked. currently i only make 400 per week which is barely enough to cover my bills. I really believe this would be a real treat and would help improve my face. its hard when you look older than your age when society values youth.