Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flaunt Face: LORAC's Take a Brow

Ok so some of you have probably seen my "EVERYDAY Makeup Look" video on youtube and I must admit over time that "look" has gradually changed. Recently what I've added to my makeup routine is defining my eyebrows. Quite honestly, I wasn't into the idea of filling-in my eyebrows (especially when I constantly witnessed horrible examples on others) but I guess it just wasn't done correctly with the right tools. Drawn brows to me always seemed way too defined and appeared unnatural! I really had this misconception about drawn eyebrows until one beautiful day I used LORAC's "Take a Brow" eyebrow kit!

OMG can you say aaaaaammmmaaazzzing. This is by far the best eyebrow kit I've used ever!!! Each shade available includes a lighter and darker color for mixing and variation. It also includes a wax that's great for moulding and defining your brows along with an angled, thin brush for perfect precision. Based on my deep brown to black hair color, I use the Dark Brown shade. I totally recommend that you all try this must-have for yourselves. So now almost everyday I define my brows with this kit only, it's that good! Oh and please, please, please try to ignore the $22 price tag.... don't get me wrong I am frugal okay, but listen when I say this is soooo worth it :)



  1. Ok I need this in my life like right now!!

  2. LOL I see your wearing your earrings.

  3. Hmmmm.....I mite just invest! Cuz my NYC brow powder just aint quite workin fa me! Lol.

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  4. Wow - nice! thanks for sharing :D
    love your blog!
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  5. I gotta try that---your brows look amazing!